Six Daily Rituals to Live Your Life Purpose

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you like
everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.”  E.E Cummings 


Few years back, when I started searching my life purpose, I was first tainted by what the world around me expected me to be. My materialistic needs of security, belonging and self-esteem also came on the way. I  realized that my life purpose cannot be to have a retirement saving, a house or funding my son’s education. These are important goals in life and I cannot mistake them as my life purpose. These goals do not define me and these are not the reason why I was born. There has to be a much bigger purpose why I exist.

To me, living a purposeful life is moving from an ego centric life to a soul centric life. To live a life with a purpose means living my own values, beliefs, strengths, passion and everything that defines me with an intend to make a meaningful impact.

My life purpose is – “Be a catalyst to unleash greatness in others”. When I combine my personal values of compassion, gratitude, humility and well-being with my strength of coaching and a passion to learn and help others achieve their full potential, I see living a purposeful life.

Finding a life purpose is not easy. When you are able to find who you are and filter out who you should be, you will see that your purpose starts emerging. This means a deep introspection to know your own values and beliefs, your core strengths, what you are passionate about and what brings you joy. Here are some questions that might help you find your life purpose –

  • As a child or young adult, what meaningful contributions you liked to make?
  • What life experiences you are grateful about?
  • Who are the people who touched your soul and what inspired you about them?
  • What should your world remember you for when you are no longer there?

Life purpose is not just putting a statement. It means consciously living it every single day of our life. Here are some of the daily rituals that can help you lead a purposeful life –

  1. Daily Meditation – a daily meditation of 15 minutes in the morning has a profound impact on being mindful of what is a happening in our world and our role in it. It helps us stay connected with who we are and our life purpose
  2. Make a Commitment Everyday – Each day is an opportunity to live our life purpose. Before you start your day (ideally soon after your meditation), read your purpose statement in your mind and heart, and make a commitment to live your purpose
  3. Find Opportunities Everyday To Be Generous – when we look around with an open mind, open heart and open will, we will find many opportunities to live our life purpose. Writing this blog is an opportunity for me today to live my purpose!
  4. Connect With People Who Share Your Purpose – Choose your connections on social media and the world around you and surround yourself with people who share the same passion and purpose. These are the people who will give you energy and drive to live your purpose. They could also become your mentors and coaches. Build a community of people whom you can influence as well as get influenced by to make a much larger impact. Interact with them daily.
  5. Learn – Spend a minimum of thirty minutes every day reading, learning or attaining skills that will help you in achieving your life purpose.
  6. Journaling – Just before you go to bed each night, reflect for five or ten minutes on the opportunities that life provided you to live your purpose. Write down the opportunities and your actions expressing your gratitude.

These are some of the rituals that I follow every day. I hope you find them useful. I would like to hear your daily rituals that help you live your purpose.


Raj Karunakaran is a HR professional and an ICF certified coach. He specializes in organizational development, leadership coaching and business partnering. Raj has more than 16 years of experience with organizations like Royal Philips, Fidelity Investments, AstraZeneca Plc, Tech Mahindra. He currently heads HR for Philips Healthcare sector at Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore.


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  • Mahasweta says:

    Thanks for writing such a simple yet impactful article.
    It has the power to help people channelize their efforts and focus to create a meaningful life.
    I am slowly realizing that my life purpose is to help people connect and know themselves better. To discover, empathize, find their own self, be proud of what they are, to heal and move on.
    A reminder to yourself that you have a purpose and you are gifted adequately to fulfill the purpose helps me continue.
    Keep writing and creating a positive world around you.

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