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I’m cycling from Manali to Leh, India, covering a distance of close to 580 km in the Himalayan region, over 11 days from August 10 – 20, 2014. The ride ends at Khardung La, one of the the worlds highest motorable pass. My journey is aimed to raise funds for the welfare of mentally challenged boys in the state care home at Bangalore. All donations go to the charity, I am financing the journey myself and the tour is organised by Cycling & More, Bangalore.

Home for mentally challenged boys is a center for 80 mentally challenged orphans who live at the Government home for boys in Bangalore, India. The NGO called U&I provide them with doctors and nurses who take care of their physical needs and volunteers meet with them every week on a consistent basis to give them the emotional care that they need. Hundreds of mentally challenged children are abandoned by their family and left in state care for the rest of their life. Though the state provides basic food & shelter, the boys lack the needed special education & skills necessary to live an independent & self-sufficient life.

For the mentally challenged boys at the state home, occupational therapy & vocational training enables them to live a self-sufficient & independent life & earn a living as well. The volunteers (that include medical professionals) from U&I who meet with the boys every week creates a community of people who care for them. Occupational therapy and vocational training enables them to live a more independent, healthy and self sufficient life. It also gives them the opportunity to have a steady source of income.

I request you to be generous and sponsor a special needs child’s medical care and rehabilitation for one month by donating Indian Rupees 1000 or 20 US$ .

For contributions / donations, please log on to :

You can find out more information on the project on the website or follow U&I on facebook


Raj Karunakaran is a HR professional and a coach. He specializes in organizational development, leadership coaching and business partnering. He currently heads HR for Philips Healthcare  at Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore.


(Image courtesy : Globalgiving, U&I Bangalore)


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